Janey Butler Interiors - Super Naturals

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Posted: 07.09.16

Super Naturals

Janey Butler is renowned for her use of natural materials and soft muted calming colour palettes in her design schemes. Here, Janey explains her love of nature and why natural elements play an important part in her work.


As in nature itself, the textures, colours and diversity of products which can be used are vast creating different looks & moods: From the simplistic, minimal Nordic style schemes with their bleached woods and soft linens to the more opulent, glamorous style of London penthouse living with polished concretes, Quartz Marbles and luxury glazed linens.


The connotations for the use of wood in particular are limitless, from incorporating reclaimed oak beams into a barn Conversion extension to sourcing incredible 25 million year old petrified wood pieces to form part of a stunning contemporary interior design project. Sourcing and using these reclaimed or rare woods with all their beautiful markings and imperfections is something Janey loves to work with, as each piece tells a story, adds true character and is totally bespoke for each of her clients projects.


Janey Butler Interiors are constantly sourcing pieces, products and artisan craftsmen in order to create the most beautiful and unique living spaces and homes.