Janey Butler Interiors - Pure & Timeless Bathroom Design

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Posted: 08.09.17

Pure & Timeless Bathroom Design

At Janey Butler Interiors we love to create elegant unique designs for our clients. With our offices situated in the heart of Cheshire, in a beautifully renovated 18th century former Old Stables surrounded by elegant formal gardens and glorious open countryside, our design studio's picturesque setting always inspires.

Janey Butler Interiors have a passion for craftsmanship, timeless design and natural materials that beautify with age. This passion is exemplified in Janey Butlers bathroom designs, which reflect all of these key elements.
Always inspired by simplicity, every aspect of a Janey Butler bathroom design is considered.

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Our Bathroom designs have a special place in the home and at Janey Butler Interiors we strive to create inviting, calming, tranquil spaces, where one can totally relax and unwind. Sticking to our signature natural colour palettes, and introducing our unique finishing touches, that work seamlessly with our stylish Italian tile choices. Functionality is of course always foremost, which is why our luxury bathroom fittings by high-end Danish & Italian Designers always ensure effortless style and function throughout.

We strive within our design process for the 'less is more' approach to create the ultimate contemporary style within our bathroom designs. Creating clean-cut, decluttered and functional spaces with every Janey Butler Interiors Bathroom.

Beauty and those all important 'attention to detail' aspects, such as diamond cut mitered tile edges, working alongside cutting-edge engineering of key bathroom products is of paramount importance when creating a Janey Butler Bathroom Interior.