Janey Butler Interiors - Journal

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Journal inspiration, insights and updates from the Janey Butler Interiors team.

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Fabulous Firesides by Janey Butler Interiors


As we transition into winter, and the days are getting shorter and colder; it is the perfect time of year to get the fire going, wrap ourselves in beautiful soft throws and get cosy by the fire.

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Embracing the Dark Side


With winter evenings drawing in, many often find themselves shying away from dark tones and textures and opting for light accents that are reminiscent of those warmer months.

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Making an Entrance by Janey Butler Interiors


Stylish simplicity and timeless interiors are a signature of all of our luxury home projects in collaboration with Llama Architects. As a first introduction to welcome visitors to the home; a beautiful entrance hall is a space often overlooked; but one that can leave the most impressive of first impressions.

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Beautiful Moodboards Into Wonderful Reality


At Janey Butler Interiors, our design team work closely with our clients from initial consultation, where we capture their style and taste, to presenting them with beautifully laid out mood boards that complement our elegant collection of home interiors.

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New Exclusive: A Look Inside Alderley Lodge


Our latest luxury home renovation with Llama Architects; Alderley Lodge is a handsome arts and crafts house in a picturesque location in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge, surrounded by wonderful mature broadleaf trees and gardens. The original property was in poor condition and required full refurbishment and modernising.

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Luxury Smart Homes by Janey Butler


Interior design is the catalyst for creating beautiful, functional and enjoyable homes that are reflective of who you are; encompassing your style, lifestyle and personality.

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Autumn Inspired Home Design


The start of a new season is not the start of a new beginning, it is simply an evolution from the one before, and with every new season it brings along with it the perfect opportunity to transform your household, ready for fresh winter air and the joyful seasonal festivities ahead.

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5 Tips For Immaculate Kitchen Design


From storing, preparing and cooking meals to hosting dinner parties with friends and family, the kitchen has evolved over time to become the heart of the home and needs to be designed accordingly; incorporating functionality with luxurious living.

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Beautiful Boot Rooms


Serving as a comfortable transitional space from indoors to the outdoors, the boot room can leave a long-lasting impression of the organisation of your home; it is definitely not one to be overlooked.

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5 Tips For A Peaceful Home


Your home is your safety net, it is a place where you can escape reality and replenish your energy after your daily commitments. Although tranquility is a state of mind; design and aesthetics play a very important role in creating a calming space that allows you to recharge.

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How To Design The Perfect Bathroom by Janey Butler


The bathroom; a utopia of privacy, for refreshing, pampering and relaxing. Often taken for granted, the bathroom prepares us for the day ahead and provides us with a safe space to unwind from our daily routine, allowing us to seek inspiration from our surroundings as we experience a momentary of solitude.

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Dream Dressing Rooms by Janey Butler


Serving as a staple feature in any luxury home, dressing rooms provide a serene environment for pampering and relaxation; with efficient storage space for organised belongings.