Janey Butler Interiors - New Exclusive: A Look Inside Alderley Lodge

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Posted: 02.10.20

New Exclusive: A Look Inside Alderley Lodge

Our latest luxury home renovation with Llama Architects; Alderley Lodge is a handsome arts and crafts house in a picturesque location in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge, surrounded by wonderful mature broadleaf trees and gardens. The original property was in poor condition and required full refurbishment and modernising. The new owners wanted to keep the period charm of the property, but to also create a modern home that suited their young family and lifestyle. Strategic amendments to the layout made the house flow more logically, reduced wasted corridor space, and created a real family home. Key to this was adding a new terrace and modern extension, utilising handmade dark bricks to compliment the original monochrome house, and adding SkyFrame glazing to create an astonishing view of the gardens right from the hub of the home.

The entire project will soon feature on our website, but here is a selection of exclusive images from the stunning Master Suite…

Master bedroom
Master bed details
Master bed looking thru to en suite 1
Alder4 lights
Alder4 cushion
Alder5 01
Alder5 05
Alder5 03
Master Bathroom details
Master bathroom pls photo shop out the door stop alarm sensor 2