Janey Butler Interiors - Luxury Spa Brand, Starpool invite Janey Butler Interiors to their HQ

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Posted: 31.05.16

Luxury Spa Brand, Starpool invite Janey Butler Interiors to their HQ

Last month, Janey Butler Interiors were invited to visit the HQ of luxury spa brand, Starpool, in Milan

Starpool is an award winning company which specialises in the creation and manufacture of beautiful, luxury spas for both commercial and private clients across the globe.

The Company prides itself on its Research & Development and a team of qualified engineers and technicians constantly study new materials and components to create cutting edge products. They develop the best solutions to ensure maximum functionality and an internal laboratory also tests all products recreating extreme conditions to ensure the highest quality standards.

Starpool understands that the materials used in the design including the lights, aromas, textures, colours and the functionality all play a vital role in conveying feelings and emotions, for their clientele.

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Design is inspired by the Nordic tradition of the ancient rituals and Starpool have gone on to develop this through 'SpaRitual' which offers a new way of experiencing wellness. Rituals are thematic movements planned into the sauna or steam bath to enhance the benefits.

As guests of the company, Janey Butler Interiors was able to experience first hand the very latest products, innovations and luxury spa installations in Milan. This knowledge then gives an understanding of how these products can best be incorporated into the design of beautiful spa and leisure spaces for their own projects. Collaborating with Starpool in this way means that Janey Butler can create something unique, breathtaking and cutting edge, for their own clients.

The visit, which was also set against the backdrop of the stunning Lake Garda meant that the trip was a source of inspiration from start to finish.