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Posted: 09.06.22

Kitchen Garden to Kitchen Table

A renewed interest in outdoor kitchen gardening has brought this tradition back into vogue. However, there are two types of kitchen gardening which we consider. The first type takes place outdoors, the traditional garden close to the kitchen. The other type takes place indoors and can involve growing herbs and vegetables on your shelves, worktops or windowsills.

With more interest in the outdoor spaces and kitchen gardens, a third type of kitchen garden may be considered; On a recent project of ours, we built and installed an outdoor kitchen with retractable roof, in the garden, making for a fabulous outdoor space.

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Aesthetics are important, but an efficient kitchen helps get food on the table faster; and that’s where, not only the kitchen garden comes in, but the pantry too. A well-designed, well-stocked and well organised pantry is a luxury in both time and convenience.

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When designing our luxury homes with Llama Architects, each and every aspect is carefully considered; from the architecture to the crockery. Stylish living and functionality go hand in hand, and so pantries have become a signature feature in our projects. We use either our own joiners for bespoke finishes in all sizes of space, or the sleek Italian designed pantries of Rimadesio.

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Janey Butler Interiors
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