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Posted: 28.05.20

JBI Collaborations | Riva 1920

In the second of our Collaborations series, we take a look at our favourite collaborations with the incredible design team at Riva 1920.

Established over a century ago in the heart of the Brianza, Northern Italy, Riva 1920 specialises in the production of incredibly stunning, classically styled solid wood furniture.

The company is famed for their use of Millennial Kauri wood, regarded as the rarest wood variety in the world. Available only from a restricted area of New Zealand, its extraordinary feature is that it is extracted from the soil. In fact, these enormous trees, whose trunk can reach 5/6 metres, were torn down by huge catastrophes and remained buried under the mud for 50.000 years.

Janey Butler Interiors are proud to be the UK authorised re seller for Riva 1920, including several of their stunning pieces in our award-winning Cheshire Show Home.

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