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Posted: 08.06.21

Janey Butler’s Decorative Lighting Tips

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Lighting is one of the many key features to consider in Interior Design and is something we are really passionate about in our studios. Over the years we have sourced a variety of suppliers, which have really interesting backgrounds, often telling stories through their pieces and their craftsmanship is second to none. We are really proud to be able to offer our Clients a wide selection of desirable lighting, whilst also constantly ensuring our supplier list continues to grow, when traveling the world to meet and personally view each piece.

Throughout this post we share our top tips on Decorative Lighting.

Make an impression

Within our projects, introducing a spacious Entrance Hall and with a double height Staircase can help to create the perfect entrance for our Clients, also offering a sense of arrival for guests too, giving a flavour of what is to come. When a staircase is introduced and the double height space above, is often can be a perfect spot for a statement chandelier, with an exaggerated drop height.

Consider the key spaces

Decorative lighting often can be an investment, ensuring it used correctly in the right area for the right reasons is key. Aside from Entrance Halls, Dining Rooms are often a stunning way of introducing a focal point to a room, where guests and family members can gather around together, whilst also adding ambiance to the occasion. It’s important to not overpower a home with decorative lighting and make considered selections.

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Consider the Material options and the Interior Finishes within the space

We always look to introduce tones and materials which are in keeping with the space, for example, if a space has a bronze handrail, introducing a bronze finish to a decorative light works hand in hand, making the space feel seamless and considered. Similarly, if a space is generally light an airy, using light tones and textures within a statement light in white can make a big impact, ensuring it does not encroach too much on the space, making a statement within itself.

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What is the use of the space

Consider the use of the space to ensure the lighting is used appropriately. Perhaps a decorative light for Formal Dining Room, a Chandelier works hand in hand with a space like this, adding sophistication and an element of formality. Alternatively, introducing low level table lamp to a lounge can help to contribute a warmth and comfort.

Furthermore, Janey and her team of Interior Designers are able to assist with decorative lighting throughout every Interior Design Project, whilst continually collaborating with Llama Architects. They work together on a daily basis designing Architectural and Decorative Lighting schemes.

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