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Posted: 22.04.16

Janey Butler Interiors - Our Design Process

This process is a journey, getting to know each client, their wants and desires and it is with this knowledge that the ideal space is achieved. A space that suits the clients’ lifestyle and needs as well as their aspirations in terms of the overall design.

The design process for each project is a complex one and brings together many elements so that the ultimate design scheme can be achieved. The design team work hand in hand with our highly skilled architects, craftsmen and designers with every project we undertake. We also work with the Industry leaders for our Home Automation, lighting design, home spas and pool design/installation.

The Janey Butler design process begins with an initial meeting at our design studio / showroom. The showroom has been designed to inspire and to give a flavour of Janey’s work, creativity and signature style. Clients can get a feel for our attention to detail and what can be achieved for them within their own home. They can experience the collections from leading designers from the UK, Europe and every corner of the globe which Janey has spent years of travelling discovering. Visiting the showroom also helps her clients visualise how various pieces could look in their own Interior scheme, as well as meeting her large team of Architects, Designers and Professionals in the Studio. Janey & her team will discuss in detail the clients project, how they would like to use either the existing space or what they are looking to create, whilst gauging their wishes and aspirations for what they are ultimately wanting to achieve. Always ensuring that whatever Janey proposes will surpass even the best clients imagination.

Jb moodboards

From various meetings and site visits all this information is gathered, enabling the team to create the initial concept boards. These will introduce the client to the proposed scheme, spatial solutions and give them a glimpse of what can be designed and implemented/installed, enabling them to clearly visualise the finished product.

As the journey progresses the team work on full colour perspectives, CGI’s, floor plans, internal room elevations, lighting design and room & furniture layouts and specification. All this information brings together style, scale and the space of the project. Janey will work closely with the client and always considers the property as a whole, and never as separate rooms / areas, this even translates to gardens and grounds for Janey and her team. This will ensure a beautiful stylish home is always created, one which flows and accomplishes an ultimate living space and one that is always unique to the client and “one of a kind”. All elements of the scheme from the lighting placements, recesses, floor sockets, built in cabinetry, home automation and window dressing, even down to the placement of bespoke artwork, tile layouts, are planned and incorporated into the design at this stage. This is an essential part of the process, as trying to work these elements in at a later date, will ultimately result in a compromised design. Working in this way and to this finite level of detail ensures that the finished product has beauty and functionally in equal measure, an imperative combination for all of Janey’s design schemes and where every project will ultimately arrive.

Following on from this information the working drawings are prepared, in readiness for use on site. The project co-ordination between the design team and our Project Director on site, is essential. It ensures an exact installation and true delivery to the client.

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Janey’s team has been creating ground breaking residential and commercial projects for over 20yrs now, and only by building her amazing team and process can the finished design be realised, smoothly, seamlessly and always surpassing in real life what Janey and her team has inspired the client with initially in her Studio.

About Janey Butler Interiors

Janey Butler Interiors is an Architectural Design Practice located in the stunning grounds of the prestigious Capesthorne Hall in the heart of Cheshire. Creating beautiful high end interior design schemes for discerning clientele looking to create a stylish luxury home environment. Our design studio is situated on the upper mezzanine floor of our Luxury by appointment, showroom.