Janey Butler Interiors - Janey Butler Interiors Collaborates with Piet Boon

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Posted: 14.03.17

Janey Butler Interiors Collaborates with Piet Boon

We select products from all over the world from suppliers & collaborators who specialise in our creative field and share the love for beautiful materials, developing on-trend and exquisite collections that are constantly being updated, oozing with natural, organic earthy textures and design.

Piet Boon have a collection of twelve carefully selected colours that perfectly fit in any Piet Boon and Janey Butler Interior.

Subdued, sophisticated and timeless colours that reflect the Piet Boon and Janey Butler Interiors, Design Philosophy.

Quality is of most importance, as is style, material and impact. This is why Janey Butler Interiors and Piet Boon work so perfectly together.

Janey Butler Interiors and the Llama Group are in high spirits for the upcoming Spring / Summer months which see's some exciting changes and developments within the Llama Group of companies. We are especially excited for our latest development 'Janey Butler Collections'.

A new way to get the 'Janey Butler Interiors' finish to all homes and working environments. The collection will consist of accessories, furniture, table-ware and more, from our collaborators such as BaoBab and Eric Kuster as well as Piet Boon, Meridiani, Baxter and our own brand collection.