Janey Butler Interiors - Janey Butler Interiors Collaborates With Brand Van Egmond

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Posted: 03.03.17

Janey Butler Interiors Collaborates With Brand Van Egmond

We would like to feature one of our favourite collaborators this week, Brand Van Egmond in the run-up to Milan at the beautiful Palazzo Francesco Turati.

The brand and studio were founded in 1989 with the sole intension to create art without restraints. William Brand (owner/ designer) graduated at the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands, where he was trained as an architect.

The first lighting sculpture ‘Chandelier’ became an instant icon. The passion for lighting sculptures results in an impressive collection, with yearly additions of new designs.

‘All the Brand Van Egmond lighting sculptures are handmade,’

They are frequently asked to customize for specific clients and projects across the world. From the base in Naarden, the Netherlands they operate in over 60 countries, with a clientele ranging from Royals to Rappers.
Several leading luxury brands like Chopard, Neuhaus and Louis Vuitton have made the lighting sculptures of Brand van Egmond part of their retail identity.

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We, Janey Butler Interiors, have also featured Brand Van Egmond in our show home, showcasing ‘Candles and Spirits,’ -A detailed and glamorous piece with an organic and earthy twist. (As pictured above.)

We have also featured Brand Van Egmond pieces into a number of our high end luxury projects.

Working in collaboration with Brand Van Egmond allows for us to offer our clients distinctive finishes to their homes.
Janey Butler interiors and Llama Group are proud to work with Brand Van Egmond and the relationship we have built with the team.

We are looking forward to meeting them again in Milan in the coming weeks.