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Posted: 17.07.20

How To Design The Perfect Bathroom by Janey Butler

Efficient Layout

Working with Llama Architects, we carefully plan bathroom floor plans considering logistics, size, and space to ensure efficiency of layout so that our clients get the most out of their bathroom.

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Lighting Features

Add style and luxury with ceiling-mounted fixtures; the bathroom at our luxury destination show home features an incredible ochre installation which acts as an anchor for the entire space. Utilising natural light can also add a calming serenity to a space; connecting with the beautiful views of nature outside.

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Accessories can make or break your interior - especially when it comes to the bathroom. I love to use natural materials to create bespoke pieces that help ground the space in nature; bespoke Iroko wood bathtrays paired with bowls of epsom salts and small succulents. For soaps, I adore Aesop’s entire range, the brand has become synonymous with quality for me.

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