Janey Butler Interiors - Hibernating at Home by Janey Butler

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Posted: 03.04.20

Hibernating at Home by Janey Butler

I firmly believe that you can make your home a kind of sacred retreat – that you can create calming, welcoming spaces. I love clarity, subdued colours and organic shapes, like you find in nature.

In these testing times, our homes must serve as a safe haven, and timeless elegant spaces inspired by nature are the perfect sanctuary.

The Bedroom

A luxury master suite must engage all the senses the moment you enter; from the smooth softness of the sheets to a beautiful scented candle and dimmed task lighting for reading in bed. I’m a huge fan of Baobab candles, the collections are inspired by the enchanting landscape of Tanzania and the scents are just divine.


The Bathroom

We are constantly striving to create calm and tranquil bathroom spaces where one can totally relax and unwind; and these are often inspired by our trips to beautiful countries throughout the world. Sticking to our signature natural colour palettes, we add unique finishing touches; such as a gorgeous rare wood bath tray first discovered on a trip to Song Saa in Cambodia paired with a succulent and bowl of Epsom salt, or delicate white ceramic tea light holders and beautiful Aesop hand soap.


Surround Yourself in Nature

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Nature is a huge inspiration for me, usually I love being outdoors either in our woodland or walking in the countryside near to our home. I love to incorporate natural pieces and textures into my interiors, especially given we are somewhat confined indoors at the moment.

Natural materials such as aged stone have a beauty all of their own and each piece has its own unique, organic, earthy quality. The markings, textures and colours are totally individual and I love that the colours change depending on the time of day or the light source in the room and the fact that materials such as these are naturally imperfect makes them all the more interesting to me.

Being surrounded by nature undoubtedly has a calming effect and using naturally beautiful materials always creates a tranquil and peaceful space and produces a timeless look which is not dictated by fashion or trends.