Janey Butler Interiors - Creating the Perfect Home Office Space by Janey Butler

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Posted: 20.03.20

Creating the Perfect Home Office Space by Janey Butler

Given the current situation it increasingly likely, if not inevitable, that many of us will be working from home in the coming weeks and months. Once regarded as a luxury, the home office is now an absolute essential; and creating a space that inspires productivity and privacy is key.

Here, Design Director Janey Butler guides us through the creation of the perfect home office.

1. Consider the Space

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Begin by thinking about the purpose of your home office. If it will serve as a weekday base, it should have a different look and feel; to allow you a separation between work and home. Is it a space for solo working? Or perhaps you’ll require a larger boardroom-style space for greeting clients? Some may even prefer a purpose-built outbuilding entirely separate from the rest of the home to ensure complete privacy and focus.

2. The Perfect Desk

Gone are the days where a desk has to be dull; we are constantly working with our incredible suppliers to source truly unique pieces from around the world. Our destination Showhome features an incredible piece from the Karim Rashid Lamborghini collection by Riva 1920.

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The SPEED Table is truly stunning; made of solid wood, it has only a singular asymmetrical table leg supporting the structure at an angle and would make the perfect home desk or meeting room table.

3. Let there be light

Natural light is essential for calm and productive workspaces; demonstrated beautifully by our Forest Cottage project.

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The waney edge wood desk was created out of the same rare wood as the amazing dining table, and was designed to give the illusion of cutting through the storage units either side.

4. Get Connected

Advancing technology allows us to instantly connect with others throughout the globe; and so a robust and innovative Home automation system is essential if you are to work remotely and still have access to the systems you require.

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As with all of our luxury homes with Llama Architects, our Manor House project is fully Crestron and Lutron automated; allowing our clients to control their entire home at the touch of a button. From video conferencing facilities concealed behind bulthaup panels, to bespoke server rooms and AV racks; each luxury home is designed with our specialist teams to cater specifically to the individual clients needs.

5. Take a Seat

It goes without saying that an office chair must be equal parts comfort, function and style. Our very own design studio features a range of just some of the exquisite seating we use in in projects.

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