Janey Butler Interiors - Janey Butler Creates Flagship Office for Stuart Rushton Estate Agency

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Posted: 17.03.16

Janey Butler Creates Flagship Office for Stuart Rushton Estate Agency

As a company we are renowned for our luxury, residential Interiors. However, we recently expanded our portfolio into the commercial sector. This project involved the total renovation of number 35 King Street, Knutsford, in collaboration with Llama Property Developments.

From this brief, a detailed design was prepared to produce a stylish, contemporary, inviting space. In addition we wanted to achieve something new, with more of a showroom/homely feel to it rather than the normal formal office layout. In order to fulfil this we specified some of our signature bespoke furniture design within the project, including the luxury brand Linteloo with whom we collaborate.

On this project, we especially loved the finished design for the new managing director’s office. This space features a stunning frameless glass wall complete with an incredible large section of naturally curved oak, which was designed and made into a stunning desk to go through the glass wall. This created an amazing effect and focal point on the ground floor.

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When it comes to the fine details for projects, we love to source unique individual pieces for all of our design concepts. This was especially true with regard to the choices of fabrics and materials for this particular project. Also, by consulting with our clients fully along the way, means the end result is much more personal for them. We added finishing touches including exceptional faux planting, orchids and bespoke artwork to the overall scheme, all of which enhance the inviting feel we wanted to achieve.

We, and our clients are delighted with the finished product. The space is functional and timeless and yet is a break with the ‘norm’ when it comes to commercial office environments. Staff and clients alike enjoy the light filled building, improved layout and beautiful design led furnishings.