Janey Butler Interiors - Beautiful Boot Rooms

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Posted: 04.09.20

Beautiful Boot Rooms

“Interior design is making the best possible use of the available spaces.”

Serving as a comfortable transitional space from indoors to the outdoors, the boot room can leave a long-lasting impression of the organisation of your home; it is definitely not one to be overlooked.

Providing efficient storage space for your whole family - whether that be for your raincoats, the children’s muddy wellies or for the toys and accessories of your four-legged friend - the boot room has a wealth of storage opportunities, within such a small space.

We recommend tailoring this space to the unique needs of your home. Play with uplifting colours and natural textures for style and add shelving units, storage cupboards and bench seating for convenience; the room needs to look smart and tidy, yet functional.

Designed in collaboration with Llama Architects, see for yourself just how stylish and efficient our boot room spaces can be.

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