Janey Butler Interiors - An interview with Design Director, Janey Butler

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Posted: 04.12.20

An interview with Design Director, Janey Butler

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What inspired you to become an interior designer?

Interior design has always been a passion of mine, I love bringing designs to life and the sheer joy it brings to my clients. When I met my husband Andy, we decided to combine the Architecture and Construction side of the business, the Llama Group, to deliver full turnkey projects in house.

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How do you begin the interior design process?

The design process is a journey and it begins with an initial meeting at our design studio / showroom. Here, clients are able to meet our large team of Architects, Designers and Professionals, get a feel for our attention to detail and get a glimpse into what can be achieved for them within their own home.

We always ensure that whatever we propose surpasses even the best clients' imagination!

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am very much inspired by the beauty found in nature. I love to introduce natural elements into my designs such as rare woods, stone and other such raw materials as they are all totally unique and have a history embedded into their composition. Traveling, books, art, inspiring, interesting people and impressive architecture are also huge influences for me.

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Speaking of traveling, what country do you love to travel to?

I love to travel to all countries, but I especially love Italy and South Africa. It’s my dream to visit New Zealand one day!

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What do you think the key to your success is?

I am a true believer in honesty and being true to your own sense of style and tastes. These traits I like to think shine through in my designs and is one of the reasons why our brand stands out from others.

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Where is your showroom?

It's located in the grounds of the stunning Capesthorne Hall Estate, near Alderley Edge in the heart of Cheshire. We entirely renovated both the old coach house and the stables; transforming them into a destination showhome and design studio, home to our interior design team and Llama Architects. Downstairs we have the sample room; one of my favourite spaces. It contains thousands of swatches of fabric, paint and finishes from our suppliers around the world; I can lose hours in there creating moodboards for our fabulous clients; it really helps them visualise how their projects will look and feel.

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Lastly, if you had to choose, traditional or contemporary?

Traditional and contemporary, I enjoy playing with a multitude of elements to create timeless interior design.Whether it's using wooden materials and natural textures to integrate outdoor beauty into luxury, contemporary design, or adding industrial textures and dark contemporary furnishings to bring depth into a traditional countryside home.

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