Janey Butler Interiors - 5 Ways To Style Your Living Room

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Posted: 03.07.20

5 Ways To Style Your Living Room

1. Go Bold with Lighting

Make a statement and set the mood of your room by choosing a bold lighting fixture, focusing on function and design to bring your living room to life.

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2. Sophisticated Seating

Lounge in luxury with stylish seating. Whether you’d prefer comfortable, soft furnishings to create a calm and relaxing space or a more structured Chesterfield-style sofa to complement a formal living area in your period home; the right seating can make all the difference.

Seating 01
Seating 03
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3. Statement Rug

A statement rug can be all you need to pull your interior theme together. When choosing a rug you will need to consider space, comfort and most importantly, style.

Statement rugs 01
Statement rugs 03
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4. Accessories

Choosing the right accessories can take time, but if done properly it can make a world of difference. I love adding touches from nature in my design; from petrified wood to delicate birds nests found in the garden and hand-cut flowers in beautifully elegant vases.

Acessories 01
Acessories 03
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5. Wall Art

Create an accent wall with beautifully designed wall art. We work with a number of talented artists from around the world; sourcing unique commissions for each of our luxury home projects.

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