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5 Tips For Immaculate Kitchen Design

5 Tips For Immaculate Kitchen Design

From storing, preparing and cooking meals to hosting dinner parties with friends and family, the kitchen has evolved over time to become the heart of the home and needs to be designed accordingly; incorporating functionality with luxurious living.

Designed in collaboration with Llama Architects, discover a few of my favourite projects along with my tips on immaculate kitchen design.

1. Optimise Space

Make the most out of this area by positioning appliances and worktops to ensure flow of space to suit you and your family’s needs, remember to consider how and where you will use your kitchen amenities.

2. Plan All Details

It’s important to consider all elements of your kitchen, whether that be choosing floor-to-ceiling cabinets for additional storage, or aligning appliance placement with electrical outlets, there are a lot of design details to consider for efficiency of use.

3. Create Flow And Style

Choose a style that fits nicely with the rest of your home. For contemporary living we recommend high-gloss units, mid-sheen or matte finishes, or you could incorporate wood, brick or stone into your design to reinforce the traditional features of your period home.

4. Carefully Choose Lighting

When choosing lighting you will need to understand the purpose of the area. If you’ll be using the area for socialising you might want to add stylish ambient lighting, or if you’d like the space to be bright for family dinner time, choose ceiling lighting that will fill the room with light.

5. Match Your Colour Scheme

Consider natural lighting and the space available and adapt your kitchen colour scheme accordingly. If your kitchen lacks light, play with bright and neutral tones, if your kitchen is open plan, define the area with dark worktops and cabinets.