Janey Butler Interiors - 5 Tips For A Peaceful Home

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Posted: 07.08.20

5 Tips For A Peaceful Home

Your home is your safety net, it is a place where you can escape reality and replenish your energy after your daily commitments. Although tranquility is a state of mind; design and aesthetics play a very important role in creating a calming space that allows you to recharge.

From natural commodities to luxurious materials, we love balancing elements to create beautiful, safe and fabulous spaces that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Design Director Janey Butler shares her top tips for creating a calm, peaceful home.

Embrace Nature

Through bespoke woodland inspired accessories, natural materials and earthy tones, Biophilic design plays a huge part in our process so we can infuse the raw beauty of the outdoors throughout our clients’ homes.

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Increase Light

Lighting is key in creating a peaceful home environment. Throw open the curtains and let natural light flood through your home, use mounted lighting fixtures, spotlights or even candles to create a soothing ambience.

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Choose Soothing Shades

Supported by science, colour palettes can create a big impact on your psychological, physical and emotional wellbeing. We recommend choosing soft neutral tones to calm your soul at home.


Make Room

When designing your home, consider how you can use space to create an inspiring, clutter-free environment. Ensure your furniture is efficiently placed to allow maximum comfort but with enough free space for movement and air to flow through.

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Incorporate Smooth Textures

Create areas of solitude throughout your home with textures; add cosy blankets, plush pillows and warm throws in your lounge areas, or brighten up dull hallway spaces with the addition of a luxurious, soft rug.

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