Janey Butler Interiors - 5 Tips for a Beautiful Bedroom by Janey Butler

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Posted: 28.02.20

5 Tips for a Beautiful Bedroom by Janey Butler

The bedroom should be a true sanctuary in your home; a space to relax and recharge, it should feel intimate, luxurious and entirely personal to you.

We've had the pleasure of creating some truly stunning bedroom interiors for our clients over the last couple of years; each was created with these 5 things in mind:

1. Go bold (but not bright) with Lighting

No Master Bedroom is complete without truly statement lighting. The right instillation adds a sense of romance and drama to the space. Our Master Suite at Lakeview House features a stunning hanging lamp from one of our exclusive suppliers from Europe, currently available to view in our Design Studios.

1 Go Bold with Lighting

2. Add Texture

A gorgeous alpaca throw, different shapes and sizes of silk and velvet cushions, the right rug. Adding texture and warmth to your bedroom is one of the easiest ways to add style as well as comfort.

Add texture

3. Go Minimal

Gone are the days where our nightstands were packed everything from hand-creams to alarm clocks. Pack away the clutter and keep items on display to a minimum; go for a beautiful candle or a simple succulent in a beautiful tray adds a touch of sophisticated style.

Go minimal

4. Display Art

The bedroom is a space for quiet contemplation, to be inspired. Show off your style with a statement piece of artwork; a sculpture, photograph or painting by your favourite artist.


5. And so to bed…

It goes without saying that the most important purchase you’ll make in the bedroom is your mattress and bed frame, especially considering you'll spend an average of 26 years there over a lifetime! This gorgeous Italian Leather sunken bed at our Manor House project is a fabulous, stylish and contemporary alternative to the traditional divan.

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